DC01 - University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 - France

Title: Synthesis and scale-up processing of enhanced single ion polymer electrolytes for lithium metal batteries


DC1 will develop a generic and versatile approach to vary independently the structural features of dynamically cross-linked single ion polymer electrolytes (CL-SIPEs) suited for room temperature (RT) lithium metal polymer (LMP) and Li/S batteries (i.e. chemical structure, cross-link density, lithium content, solvent plasticizer content, segmental mobility…) in order to enhance their functional properties (i.e. ionic conductivity (σ), transference number (tLi+) and electrochemical stability window (ESW)). After a thorough structure-properties relationship study, the best performing materials will be up-scaled by reactive processing to reach quantities (>0.5 kg) necessary to reach pre-industrial scale 5 Ah LMP battery demonstrators.

Expected results:

DC1 will obtain a series of CL-SIPEs with enhanced properties (e.g. σ, tLi+, ESW and mechanical properties) using a straightforward, general and up-scalable chemical process. Thorough structure-properties correlations will be established, in collaboration with DC2 (LEPMI, Grenoble, France), to optimize most relevant structural parameters (e.g. chemical structure of the building blocks, cross-link density, lithium content, content and nature of plasticizer). These innovative SIPEs will be implemented into lab-scale LMP batteries (up to 30 mAh pouch cells) and scaled-up to reach pre-industrial 5 Ah RT LMP battery demonstrators that will be assembled and extensively characterized in collaboration with Blue Solutions (Quimper, France). DC1 will also provide selected CL-SIPEs to DC4 (KIT, Ulm, Germany) and DC6 (NIC, Ljubjana, Slovenia) for their implementation into Li/S batteries.


Pr. Eric Drockenmuller
Dr. Damien Montarnal
LEPMI, Grenoble, France
Stockholm University, Sweden
Blue Solutions, Quimper, France

Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 – Ingénierie des Matériaux Polymères

15 Bd André Latarjet – Villeurbanne, France