DC06 - National Institute of Chemistry - Slovenia

Title: Interphases and interfaces in Li/S batteries in all solid-state polymer configurations


DC6 will characterize and correlate the properties of single ion polymer electrolytes combined with either sulfur-based cathode or lithium metal anode. The specific objectives will be related to the study of mass and charge transfer between polymers and sulfur/lithium metal in order to study the evolution/degradation of the interfaces. A combined study using galvanostatic and potentiostatic electrochemical methods, EIS, FIB-SEM, and XPS will be designed in full cell configuration or symmetrical cells with a focus on the properties in the bulk and at the interfaces. Finally, a multilayer pouch cell will be prepared to confirm the scalability of the approach.

Expected results:

DC6 will obtain Li/S batteries with stable cycling and high capacity utilization (>500 cycles, >1000 mAh/g), high electrode loading (>2 mAh/cm2) and protected lithium metal anode capable of stripping and plating at a current density of 5 mA/cm2. Tailored functional SIPEs developed by DC1 (UCBL) and DC5 (LIST) and doped porous carbons (DC8, SU) will also be considered. Finally, DC6 will provide ~100 mAh prototype cells that will be thoroughly characterized to check the scalability of the process in collaboration with KIT and KEYS.

The selection process for this position is closed.


Dr. Robert Dominko
Dr. Sara Drvaric Talian
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Ulm, Germany
Stockholm University, Sweden
Keysight, Linz, Austria

National Institute of Chemistry
Hajdrihova ulica 19, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia