Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

UCBL is the 2nd biggest French scientific cluster. UCBL gathers 168 public laboratories more than 110.000 students, 6800 researchers/professors, 17 doctoral Schools, 5400 PhDs, 900 PhDs defenses each year.

The Polymer Materials Engineering Laboratory (IMP, UMR5223) involves 28 permanent researchers and ca. 150 students/postdocs (15 PhDs/year). IMP research activities are highly interdisciplinary (polymer chemistry and physics, rheology, processing, interface with life science).

The Laboratory of Chemistry, Catalysis, Polymer and Processes (CP2M, UMR5265) involves 15 permanent researchers working on the design and synthesis of catalysts, polymers and complex colloids. CP2M hosts 50 students/postdocs. IMP and CP2M have a long-lasting tradition of combining fundamental research with applicative projects through long-term collaborations with industries.


Eric DROCKENMULLER (Project Coordinator, IMP)

Prof. Eric Drockenmuller received his PhD degree in 2002 from the University of Strasbourg after working on nitroxide mediated radical polymerization. Then he joined as postdoctoral fellow the groups of Prof. C. J. Hawker (IBM Almaden Research Center, California, USA) and Prof. T. P. Russell (University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA) working on the synthesis and functionalization of nanostructured materials. He was appointed assistant Professor in 2004 and promoted full professor in 2011 at the University of Lyon 1. His main research interests include the synthesis of tailored functional materials, polymers for energy and dynamic polymer networks.


Dr. Damien Montarnal obtained his PhD from ESPCI ParisTech, France in 2011, where he worked on supramolecular self-healing materials and initiated the concept of vitrimers under the supervision of Prof. L. Leibler and Dr. F. Tournilhac. He subsequently moved to UC Santa Barbara as a postdoctoral researcher with Profs C. J. Hawker, E. J. Kramer and G. H. Fredrickson, working on block copolymer self-assembly. Damien is a CNRS research scientist since 2015, in the CP2M laboratory at the University of Lyon 1. His research interests encompass all polymer materials in which reversible chemistry can modulate the structure, dynamics or physical properties.

Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 – Ingénierie des Matériaux Polymères

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