The goal of the RIDERS Doctoral network is to train 10 Doctoral candidates (DCs).

RIDERS research and training program rely on the multidisciplinary expertise of 10 internationally renowned academic beneficiaries and 8 industrial partners (including 3 SMEs) originating from 7 European countries.

RIDERS will provide to 10 doctoral candidates (DCs) a unique combination of advanced and transferable skills within an innovative, multidisciplinary and inter-sectoral scientific environment. The research program will address the development of cutting-edge battery technologies and necessary innovative materials to contribute to the EU strategic energy independence. RIDERS will offer DCs a unique combination of local and network-wide trainings in the fields of advanced materials and electrochemical storage: future strongholds of the EU industries and key provider of new jobs in the forthcoming decades. This, together with their training in transferrable skills, will improve their career prospects as high-quality researchers, and will prepare them as highly attractive candidates for industry, academia or entrepreneurship.

Descriptions and details of the open positions on the links below: