Is there a deadline for applying to the RIDERS positions?
No. The RIDERS recruitment is a living process without a specified end since it goes on until the selection of the 10 Doctoral candidates corresponding to the 10 open PhD positions. However, we will update the pages and vacancy offers as soon as one position is filled.

Can I apply more than one PhD program / open position?
Yes. You may apply to up to 4 open positions, without ranking.

Will the CVs sent without the complete application package be evaluated?
No, only the complete applications including the signed application form, a CV and a motivation letter in compliance with the instructions described on the page How to apply? will be evaluated.

Can I include recommendation letters, copies of diplomas, abstracts, or other supporting documents in my application?
To guarantee a fair treatment of the applications, the documents which are not listed in the application package will not be included in the recruitment process. If relevant they might be requested at a later stage of your application handling.

Should I write different motivation letter for each position I’m applying for or a combined one?
We recommend to write one single motivation letter specifying your interest for each of the selected positions.

Should I include degree certificates and transcripts in the application?
It is not required at this stage, only the application form, CV including references and letter should be included in the submitted documents. Diplomas, certificates and other supporting documents will be requested after the interviews if your application is short-listed.